torsdag den 30. juli 2009

hot and cold

the danish summer has been jumping between cloudy, humid, sunny, and raining. sometimes all four will occur in the same hour. though it's fun to wear rubber boots with a sundress and a raincoat, it can really throw off any sort of meal plans when it's too hot to even boil water. i forgot where i saw this idea, but it's a really great dressing that comes together quickly and is very light. just take a tomato, clove of garlic, s&p, maybe a tiny bit of olive oil, and give them a whirl in the blender. no water is needed since there's so much in the tomato and if you want it a bit thicker, just seed the sucker before blitzing. i've added spring onion, cilantro, ginger and even a bit of rice vinegar, all with success. go nuts.

by nightfall it's usually cooled down considerably, so for dinner i've been thoroughly enjoying the soba noodles i've brought from california. cold with dipping sauce or in a variety of salads. however, sometimes i finally get tired of noodles. then i can make joanne's braised tofu. SO GOOD. healthy but filling and yum. and then i can toss the leftovers with more noodles. (:

2 kommentarer:

Anne Coleman sagde ...

I think that looks perfectly delicious! Soy never looked so good.

Joanne Choi sagde ...

your tofu came out prettier than mine did...I like the way yours looks more than my own - which is how the second tofu recipe ending up looking...sigh...should probably redo the photo.