torsdag den 11. juni 2009


"i'm going to make something healthy for dinner to make up for the last two nights," i announced to the dane. "...sushi is unhealthy?" he replied, half-joking.

well, i don't know many people who would consider sushi unhealthy. fish is known to be a good source of omega-3, lean protein, yadda yadda. but the way he and i consume this expensive cuisine is not exactly what i would consider a nutritious diet. the first time we ate sushi together was in a decent joint in australia. it didn't feel like a big deal for me since i have been eating raw fish for several years, but something struck him and there was a big change in our eating habits after that. every meal became an event and every sushi outing a ceremony. but of course this kind of meal racks up a nasty bill so we began experimenting at home.

though nowhere near the quality of professional chefs, we've improved quite a bit on our rice seasoning and slicing of fish. i'm glad no one else witnessed our first nigiri... but it's taken quite a few sushi dinners at home to come this far and i can tell you that a fatty fish like salmon plus white rice does not a balanced meal make. especially two nights in a row.

of course sake and cava don't help the waistline get any slimmer. not to say it doesn't make the meal feel special. (:

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Anonym sagde ...

I want to eat sushi every dinner, I don't care if it's usund :P

mina sagde ...

haha, i know you... i would eat sushi a lot more often if we had access to a larger variety of ingredients!