tirsdag den 12. maj 2009

easy way out

yes, i've been bad and indulged in unnaturally-coloured chewy candy. it's so sunny and warm outside so i've been jogging and biking to my heart's desire, but it's no excuse. the colours are calling to me! doesn't help that a new sweets shop (touting prices of 7.95kr per 100g) opened down the street... and it's called sukkertoppen, how could i resist? but it adds up, both in kroner and kilos. i'll try to be good. ):

at least my favourites don't contain gelatin?

other things i've been eating are apples, oranges, peanut butter and solbær jam on rugbrød (don't knock it til you try it! at least not til you try my rye), soft-boiled eggs, brie, and that's really just about it. oh, and i have a newfound love for cantaloupe and honeydew melons. my mom will laugh when she reads that. (:

i haven't been cooking much at all. in fact the most work i've done in front of the stove since my return to denmark was make coffee or boil some water for instant noodles. no, not the bowl kind... an awesome jjampong (korean-chinese spicy seafood soup) mix that my mom sent with me from california. it contains condensed sauce, some dried veg and tiny bits of seafood in thickener, and what seems to be fresh noodles! and good lord is it spicy. i'm almost sorry that i could only fit two into my suitcase, but they need to be refrigerated (hence my suspicion of fresh noodles) and there's only so much shelf space. actually i would have been able to fit one more, had i not taken a package of jajangmyun (korean-chinese black bean noodles). it's from the same korean brand, pulmonale, and i'm looking forward to trying it. but maybe not photographing it... it looks like black worms. yum.

also: my next batch of kimchi is underway. (8

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Anonym sagde ...

But where is the lakrids?!

mina sagde ...

i've just recently started to tolerate sweet black liquorice. blame it on my exposure to the crappy american stuff. i can only handle a couple pieces at a time. x: