onsdag den 27. maj 2009

banana CAKE

i finally got a cake stand on monday! 25kr at one of those kirkens genbrug shops. so of course i had to make a cake to put on it and i couldn't wait til my birthday. but i feel a bit awkward baking sweets for no reason, though it's never a problem to get rid of leftovers with the 7 of us living in the flat. (:

the dane didn't have such a great day yesterday and wasn't feeling so hot in the morning. so i did what any obedient asian girlfriend would do and i snuck off to bake. the funny thing is that he caught me in the kitchen just as bananas were being smooshed and of course inquired what was up. i recalled how he gushed over the banana muffins that they used to serve up at estate coffee (which have long been discontinued) and also raved about a similar loaf that someone baked for a friend's birthday party. "but that was a banana cake." hm, that brings up a good point. why do we call it a bread? because it's a loaf? this is certainly too sweet to be excluded from cakedom.

luckily i've learned little more about baking since i moved here. two years ago in california i was making cookies for my coworkers and my mom practically demanded that i use up some old bananas that were going bad on the counter. i used the recipe off the side of a bag of flour and ended up making every mistake possible. too dry, overmixed, and someone still ended up with a bite of baking soda. needless to say, my mom's coworkers were wary of trying my baked goods for a long time. x:

this time i just barely mixed the batter and the result was a very moist and light cake. ironically, i left out one of the star ingredients in this recipe for banana bread with chocolate and crystallized ginger. it is very possible to be asian and not be crazy about ginger, okay? the only other changes i made were using brown sugar in place of white and added a handful of chopped walnuts because i know the dane can't resist them. so delicious! this banana loaf has been crowned a cake (it sure as hell ain't sitting on a bread stand) and will surely be made again. P:

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Karin W. sagde ...

You don't speak Danish, Mina. Do you? This is the first time I comment on a Danish blog. Anyway, your 'banankage' looks delicious!

mina sagde ...

thanks! i think it must have tasted good because everyone ate it quickly. and i can't speak danish yet, it's so difficult for an american to learn with all the weird sounds you need to make. :P

Karin W. sagde ...

Yes, Danish is a difficult language to speak and it is not known as one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

One of my sons had a girlfriend once who was from Copenhagen, Denmark. Although all the Scandinavian languages are derived from a common language, it was difficult to communicate with her over the telephone.