torsdag den 14. maj 2009

back to the basics

nope, still no cooking. the dane has introduced me to a danish summer classic called koldskål. it's kammerjunkere cookies (which taste very much like nilla wafers) and strawberries swimming in a mixture of buttermilk, lemon, and vanilla. though i was initially grossed out by the thought of drinking buttermilk, it's actually a very refreshing dish. and cheap. yay! still working on making my bowl look as good as the one depicted on the package.

in other news, FISH. the last time herring has appeared in this flat (that i'm aware of) was at our julefrokost and i'm keen on using up my rugbrød so i can make a new loaf. this karrysild did not disappoint with its radioactive glow, smooth texture, and... who am i kidding? it's an acquired taste. actually i rather miss the delicious faux-herring that our swedish flatmate presented at the julefrokost. instead of fish, she used eggplant! sensational. (:

i do plan to cook or maybe even bake this weekend... but we'll see how lazy i am. =_=

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Anonym sagde ...

I still remember what you said about "home-made" rye bread. Ewwww :P