torsdag den 30. april 2009

good mood food

sad bikes are pulled out of peblingsø after a long winter. you can tell spring has sprung! it's putting smiles on everyone's faces.

it's actually quite warm these days, though not 100°F as it was in california... but still hot enough to make me hesitant to turn on the oven. i've mostly been eating chilled fruit and veg. however at about 3:30am i finished my third shot at rugbrød. the sourdough had been sitting on our shelf of the fridge for the whole time i was gone, which i think has improved the taste! or maybe i just like sour bread. i also made two changes after watching camilla plum's show, boller af stål (balls of steel), which was to smooth the top of the dough with wet hands and poke some small holes before placing in the oven. the result was a moister loaf with a crust that was easier to slice. yummm~

someday i'll try her recipe for gammel dags rugbrød (old school rye bread) if anyone is willing to eat bread that has been kneaded with my feet. :P

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