lørdag den 11. april 2009

change of plans

reverting back to my old eating habits and exercise was going well. in fact, very well. the fact that my parents double booked hotel rooms in venezia and offered the extra one to me might have helped. the moment they said "italy" i thought of all the gastronomic delights to be experienced there. oh, and i guess the art and architecture too.

but then, we had to go to father's office.

this is a bad photo because i was in a rush to eat!! i was very hungry and heard so much hype about this burger that i couldn't even get a cross-sectional photo. oh well. it was DELICIOUS and i regret nothing. except maybe splitting it. just kidding. (;

my very kind friend who paid our tab ordered the lamb, which i had a bite of. almost equally delicious. he admitted that the lamb is better here (la) but the burger is best in santa monica. now i'm curious.

even though some people have complained about the service at father's office, i did not suffer the same experience. mostly i can't understand why customers would ask for ketchup. the burger has caramelized onions and blue cheese; there is no room for more salty stuff. and the garlic dip for the sweet potato (yes.) fries is perfect, though i suspect it made my pliny the elder (on tap?!) taste a little off. our bartender was very nice and there is no table service but you get something like it if you sit at the bar.

enough about beef, my mind is aflutter with carbs and seafood awaiting in venice! any advice on what to do (read: eat) there?

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