fredag den 6. marts 2009

seedy success

just look at that cut. the seeds, the crumb, the moistness! i may never buy another loaf of rye again...

okay, that was a complete and utter lie. but thanks to a mean little sourdough gift from a friend of the dane, i baked some really good rugbrød. it took a long time and some work but for the crispy crust and soft, moist interior full of my choice of seeds; totally worth it.

the recipe was also from the dane's friend and even with it in hand i made a couple mistakes. first of all i read 2 teaspoons of salt instead of tablespoons, which makes absolutely no sense when you see the amount of batter it is. that was just me being stupid. the other mistake i made was that i took it out of the oven too early. i was getting so anxious watching it in the oven that i couldn't wait 10 more minutes. had i been patient, the crust would have been even more awesome and those light corners would be brown.

rugbrød: translated from the recipe in danish
(makes 2 loaves)

1 liter lukewarm water
2 tbsp salt
200g all-purpose flour
375g rye flour
375g rye seeds

mix them together and leave, covered, until the next morning.

1 bottle hvidtøl (see below)
1 tbsp honey
800g seeds - crushed rye, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, oats, linseed, etc

mix all that into the dough and cover.

take some sourdough from it and store for the next baking. pour the dough in two loaf pans. optionally line the pans with baking paper. let rise, covered, for 3-4 hours.

set the loaves in a cold oven and heat it to 200°C on hot air. bake for approximately 75 minutes. pack the loaves in a damp tea towel until the next day. eat!

this a type of hvidtøl, or 'white beer' that can be used. normally many brands show up around the holidays but during the rest of the year each store will only carry one or two brands. it's sweet and lower in alcohol.

i used 50g each of white and black sesame seeds, 200g of sunflower seeds, and the rest was rye seeds. i think some pumpkin seeds would have been so great but i didn't have any. this has a more delicate soured taste than most rugbrød that i've bought and a bit more depth. since it made two loaves, i gave one to the flat and two of my roommates have given it their danish (and swedish) seal of approval! the remaining loaf was sliced up and i stuffed half of it in the freezer. no way i'm letting this bad boy go moldy.

so for the week and a half i have left in copenhagen, i'll be eating lots of smørrebrød. :D

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Anonym sagde ...

I like these kinds of breads very much, and I would really love to make one myself, but one thing puzzles me: what is sourdough? Do you add that with water, salt, flour and seeds, or is that mixture called sourdough?

mina sagde ...

hey, anonym. the stuff in the jar is the sourdough and the mixture i guess is just dough. i'm not sure what's in the particular sourdough that i used since it was a gift. but i've seen a reliable-looking recipe on camilla plum's show here.

basically: mix 200g coarse rye flour, cake yeast, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp organic honey, 1 dl organic yogurt, and 2 dl water. let stand on the kitchen counter, covered for a day. the next day add 2 dl rye flour and enough water to make it a wet dough. let it ferment another day. should smell acidic and have bubbles.

Anonym sagde ...

Hi Mina,

I enjoy reading your food blog. Have a question for you regarding the rugbrod. I am in the U.S. so we do not have European Jule Ol's to choose from. The rugbrod recipe calls for 1 bottle of hvidtol. How many ounces is that bottle that you show? It appears from the photo to be a 1 liter bottle? I will be using Sam Adams Imperial white beer. Thanks.


Your wedding dress was really pretty.

mina sagde ...

hey, anonym!

the size of the bottle is 330 milliliters (about 11.2oz). the best rugbrød i've made to date was made with brun leffe beer. good luck! and thank you for your comments. (:


Anonym sagde ...

Thanks for the speedy reply about the size of the bottle of beer. After I make the bread; I will report back to let you know how it turned out.