tirsdag den 24. februar 2009


the sun was actually shining today and it's surprisingly warm even though the lakes can't decide whether they want to be frozen or not. i rode to the black diamond with the intention to read for a while... but it's hard to concentrate when surrounded by new, intriguing architecture and beautiful people who all happen to be so naturally well-dressed. even after half a year i still can't help but feel out of place everywhere in copenhagen.

anyway it really is a wonderful library. and i really should make it a regular thing to read there.

apparently it is fat tuesday but i forgot and ate well-balanced meals. for breakfast we had muesli with yogurt and some fruits. for lunch the dane picked up some ciabatta rolls and two cheeses. i am a big fan of the goat gouda; always a welcome guest in our fridge, even if it doesn't stay very long. don't know what's up with the white stuff on the rind of the vacherol but the insides were gooey and delicious. more, please!

aside from a few bites (okay, maybe it was more than a few) of the cheeses, i had tofu and radish kimchi for lunch. now that i know where to buy tofu for only double the price i should be paying, i've been eating some pretty simple dishes with it. just tossing it into a stir fry or kimchi jigae. however today i was extra lazy and just steamed it in the rice cooker. drain, then smother in soy sauce, sesame oil and seeds. sprinkle with whatever greens you got lying around since spring onion doesn't seem to popular in our flat. i used purløg, which i think is chives. not bad.

maybe tomorrow i can make up for fat tuesday by eating a really nasty burger or something.

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