fredag den 27. februar 2009

6 om dagen

it's a damn shame i couldn't capture the steam rising off this chickpea stew. it wasn't even really a stew; not enough liquid. i used semi-dried apricots instead of raisins and left out the spinach and preserved lemons. on the way home from tigerspring i had my mind set on making my soaking chickpeas into hummus but i smelled some amazing tomato-thing while i was parking my bike and my craving shifted gears. living next to a pizza joint is rough.

along with the apricots, homemade jam, and a myriad of other edibles, the dane's parents sent me home with a hunk of celeriac. if i've passed this by in california supermarkets before, i must not have been paying attention. other than roasting it with a bunch of other winter veg, i'm pretty clueless on what to do with this ugly root. a bite of the somewhat boring raw flesh helped me decide on a recipe with zing. if i recall correctly, i hated mustard. probably around the same time i was sneering at onions, eggs, and crab.

there is still another eggplant left and i'm wondering what's for dinner. another cheap vegetable recipe, please.

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