lørdag den 31. januar 2009

more hot asian buns

buns brushed with beaten egg

with the leftover dough from the other day's steamed bao, i tried to bake them. they didn't turn out looking like the lovely golden ones i've seen in chinese shops back in california. after 20 minutes they were already getting too hard so i just took them out of the oven. 8 out of 9 burst on the bottom, as the dough was a few days old and just getting too frumpy to work with. oh well! as long as the leakage is out of sight, then it's out of mind. but good thing i lined the baking pan... :x

almost the same filling as the last batch

i thought the hoisin sauce overpowered the mushroomy insides of the steamed buns and we were already dipping them in soy sauce. so i just omitted it from the filling this time. these baked buns turned out flavourful enough to eat without sauce but you can dip em anyway and it won't be too much of a salt fest. though it's so nice to bite through a millimeter of crispy crust into pillowy mushroom goodness, i preferred the steamed bao.

this morning my danish cd arrived at the library! so i better get to learning danish now. har du en god opskrift på frikadeller? (:

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